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About Us

Software Cornwall – connecting, promoting and supporting the growing tech community in Cornwall

Software Cornwall is an open and collaborative group of technology based businesses, education providers and business support organisations connected to Cornwall, UK.  The community is independent and funded by its members, sponsors and supporters.

Our vision- Cornwall as the most productive global location for software development

Our mission – To promote and support software growth and excellence in Cornwall for today and in the future

Software Cornwall was established informally in 2012 by a group from the software sector in Cornwall collaborating to support the growth of the digital engineering industry in the County.

With the withdrawal of funding in April 2015 the founding members collaborated to form a Limited Not-For-Profit organisation Software Cornwall Ltd in April 2015 funded through membership and sponsorship, it received no direct public or European funding.


“Cornwall has always been a world leader in engineering and exporter of quality engineering talent and innovation.  From mining and rail, through to telecommunications, marine engineering, and more recently renewables technology. 

Cornwall has the potential to become a significant global player within the next generation of 21C Digital Engineering.  Over the past 10 years we have seen it provide the new businesses, high skilled jobs and product innovations that our communities need.” Belinda Waldock – Co-founder Software Cornwall Ltd

Our objectives

  • Skills & Knowledge: Encourage learning and transfer of software skills and knowledge at all levels
  • Business & Finance: Promote the growth and development of software businesses
  • Recruitment & Careers Development: Engage with young people to promote software as a career and promote high skilled employment opportunities
  • Visibility & Culture: To promote and support the visibility of software in Cornwall
  • Infrastructure & Environment: To support the development of infrastructure and a positive environment
  • Collaboration & Networking: Work openly, inclusively and collaboratively to benefit the software community
  • Financial Sustainability: To develop an organisation that is self sustaining

The Team

Belinda Waldock

Co-Founder, Director, Managing Director
Belinda Waldock

Belinda leads Software Cornwall and its activities. She can be contacted via belinda@softwarecornwall.org
Belinda, founder of Software Cornwall also runs her own business Being Agile, she is the author of internationally published book, Being agile in Business, and part of the committee for Cornwalls leading tech conference, Agile on the Beach.

The Committee

Mike Barritt

Co-Founder, Director, Chairman & Financial Sustainability
Mike Barritt

Mike is the Financial Director for Software Cornwall. Mike is Managing Director at Sullivan Cuff Software who develop and provide clinical decision management software in the medical sector. Mike is also co-founder of Agile on the Beach

Paul Massey

Co-Founder, Director, Education & Skills
Paul Massey

Paul works to help support the development of software skills and education in Cornwall. He is also Founder and Head of Bluefruit software, a specialist embedded systems development company. Paul also is part of the Cornwall & IOS LEP team and works proactively for skills and employment for Cornwall.

Toby Parkins

Co-Founder, Director, Collaboration & Networking, Infrastructure & Environment
Toby Parkins

Toby works with the committee to help represent the community particularly in the future need for additonal infrastructure and environment needed for growth. Toby is also director at Headforwards and UKNetweb as well as supporting a number of tech start up businesses in the county. Toby is also Chairman of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the ITI board.

Paul Clark

Visibility & Promotions, Higher Education, Co Founder
Paul Clark

Paul leads of Higher Education and led the collaboration with Cornwall College in the development of their new Software Degree. Paul also supports marketing and careers events in his role on the committee. Paul is the owner of Packet Ship a provider of Video-on-Demand solutions for cruise ships and hotel chains.

Lyssa Fee-Crump

Committee Team - Marketing and Recruitment
Lyssa Fee-Crump

Committee Team - Marketing & Recruitment
Marketing Manager at Headforwards
Lyssa's background is in sales and marketing. She became extremely passionate about the digital world whilst forging her career in e-commerce. The marketing world changed radically with the digital revolution and she is loving being along for the ride!
In her spare time she can be found travelling around Cornwall in her van going on wild camping adventures.

Mike Trebilcock

Education & Skills, Code Club
Mike Trebilcock

Mike is our code club champion, he supports the development of learn to code skills in schools. Mike works for Cornwall College where he is helping to develop a suite of computing courses and qualifications that will provide Cornish organisations wtih the talent they need for the future. In his spare time Mike runs marathons to raise funds for public defibulators around the county.

Kate Hughes

Director, Committee Member, Careers & Diversity
Kate Hughes

Olly Brand

Committee Member
Olly Brand
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