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Web Technology – Foundation Degree

Web Technology
Computing & IT
University Level
Full Time
Foundation Degree
Truro College

The FdSc in Web Technology has been developed to provide an opportunity for students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to work within the digital and web industry. You will understand the practical skills required to design, create, implement and manage websites, servers and digital online services.

There is a strong emphasis on software development running throughout the programme with an understanding of digital development and delivery, and professional issues relating to work in the software and web development industry. Students will be well positioned to compete for employment in any area of the software industry.

In the first year there will be some fundamental web development topics, such as database skills, mark-up languages, server side scripting. You will gain experience in the installation, configuration and use of networks and will bring some of this understanding together in projects, whilst learning the fundamentals of project management.

During the second year you will advance your software development skills with Java, and enhance your knowledge of web servers, website design as well as the use of scripting, applications and also internet security and forensics. Here you will also develop your skills and understanding in mobile application development. All students participate in an extensive project and are encouraged to adopt professional standards and approaches learnt during the programme.
What will you study?

First year
Mark-up Languages and Scripting
Server Side Programming
Networks and Communications
Systems and Command Line
Database Implementation
Project & Professional Development

Second year
Web Site Implementation and Management
Project and Project Management
Web Servers
Web Design Fundamentals
Software App Development

Methods of study

Your knowledge and understanding will be assessed using a variety of methods, and we choose those methods carefully to suit the type of work that is being undertaken. Where there is a practical emphasis, we may assess using individual or team projects, and coursework portfolios. Here we will also provide opportunity for self and peer assessment. Sometimes you will demonstrate your understanding of a topic by writing academic reports, and on a small number of occasions you will be required to take an end of year examination.

We build in many opportunities for formative assessment and provide guidance and support so that you are well prepared for whatever type of assessment is being used.


We work with local and national industry in order to ensure that your course is in line with industry requirements and to make sure that you have the best opportunity of gaining employment when you graduate. Your tutors have worked with the web development and software industries in a variety of ways over the years and have good relationships with local employers, who will give you and insight into the industry and your possible future role. You will have the opportunity to experience some of the challenges of the software industry in a safe environment.
The future

On completion of the FdSc in Web Technology our students continue their studies with a BSc top up year. This may be taken at Plymouth University on their BSc Computing, or, like the majority of our students, you may prefer to continue with us at Truro and Penwith College on our new BSc Applied Computing Technologies.

Alternatively you may find employment, or become self-employed. We will give you every opportunity to do so.

Additional information

Entry Requirements
GCSE Level: Normally English and Maths at Grade C or above

Together with one of the following:

A minimum of 60 tariff points at A Level or equivalent Level 3 qualification
Access to Higher Education: Considered on an individual basis
National and Advanced Diplomas in a relevant subject are accepted as a progression to a Foundation Degree and HND

Applications from mature students without academic qualifications will be considered on an individual basis by interview, but we must be satisfied that you are able to succeed in Higher Education study. Level 3 qualifications achieved in the workplace will be taken into consideration.

Awarding body
Plymouth University

Two years full time, part time route available

Apply Notes

UCAS Institution: Truro and Penwith College
UCAS Institution Code: T85
UCAS Course Code: G620
UCAS Course Title: FdSc/WT

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