TwinkleBob Solutions

TwinkleBob Solutions are here to help you solve your technology problems, whatever they are. We work closely with you to analyse your needs and requirements and put together a very personalised action plan.

Primarily our aim is to simplify technology for you, to get things working as you would hope them to, as efficiently, automatically and quietly as you might expect technology to work.

It’s funny how technology is supposed to make our lives easier but all too often we find ourselves expending all our energy on serving the very technology that is supposed to serve us. If that rings a bell with you then you’re our kind of people and we’d love to make you the master once more!

If your need is practical, such as a new website, better phone system or connecting some of your systems up together, we can help with that. If your problem is knowledge, and after all “knowledge is power”, we can help by providing training or signposting to suitable training courses. If your problem is just keeping everything working we can also provide ongoing support.

We want to see you free to get on with your business and your life, with technology your support not your restraint. If you want that too, please get in contact with us.


TwinkleBob Solutions Ltd

Your technology problems solved

The Old School, The Stennack, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1QU


Phone: 0560 366 3254

Services: Software development, consulting, technology strategic planning

Primary technologies (not limited to): C#, PHP, JavaScript

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