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Rowe IT is a growing information technology company which provides software engineering, solution architecture and systems integration solutions to the public and private sectors.

Our capabilities span many diverse domains.  In particular, we are:

  • Experienced in enterprise grade solutions
    • This includes big data and complex business processing. One system we helped deliver now stores in excess of 30 PetaBytes of data and processes over 100TB per day.
    • Adept at defining and implementing API solutions to manage access to and expose organisational data externally and internally.
    • Experts in the Research & Development of systems and solutions. Offering technical blueprints and vision for projects through to implementation using web and backend technologies.
    • Security focused in design, implementation and delivery.
  • A leading provider of Geospatial, Meteorology and Oceanography systems and consultancy within the defence community.
  • Skilled in leveraging cloud technologies for scalability e.g. AWS and GCP.

We are providers to the government through the Government Digital Marketplace and present on the GCloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) frameworks.

Our team of fantastic employees along with a strong associate network underpins the success and culture of the company.  We constantly push ourselves to excel in delivering services to our clients.

Our approach uses agile methodologies, which are proven to reduce risk on our projects.  We don’t use Agile because it is the latest craze, we use it because it works and we believe in the values Agile promotes; flexibility, responsiveness to changing requirements, collaboration, communication and cross-functional teams.


We ensure quality in how we deliver services having achieved ISO 9001.  We also ensure our processes and systems are secure, and are proud to have been awarded ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


Based in a modern office on Plymouth Science Park, providing the right atmosphere to support and develop staff is a key value for Rowe IT.  We work on some exciting and interesting projects which allow developers to push and learn new skills.  We are always interested in hearing from developers who are keen to progress.  See our latest job opportunities at http://www.roweit.co.uk/#workingforus




Featured Event

  1. Bluefruit Agile Huddle 2018

    Monday July 30 @ 9:00 AM - Friday August 10 @ 5:00 PM
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