Freelance Job: EasyLearn: Titanium Appcelerator Developer

EasyLearn are looking for a Titanium Appcelerator Developer


Freelance Job: EasyLearn: Titanium Appcelerator Developer POSITION CLOSED 

Easylearn is a Cornwall-based company who have been producing learning resources for schools for 20 years.

They aim to provide recourse materials for busy teachers that will give real benefits to all pupils, especially those who need extra support or are ‘catching up’.

Their materials are suitable for a wide age-range and are designed to enable pupils to work independently. Emphasis is placed on simplicity, clarity and the small steps approach, making our resources ideal for intervention work and personalised learning.

They have been producing carefully thought out recourses for twenty years that are used in thousands of schools across the UK and Ireland.

They are currently working on an exciting new reading and spelling app and are looking for a freelancer with experience of Titanium Appcelerator.
They are also happy to be approached by companies who would be willing to get involved on the app’s creation.

If you are interested in working with Titanium Appcelerator on their app please contact