Empowering Software Development Experts with Developer Security Essentials

Delivery Dates: January 2021 To be confirmed

Delivery method: Online using Zoom

Delivery Start and End Time: 1.50pm – 5.00pm

Delivered by: Charles Weir & Facilitated by Allan Kelly


Course Content

Do you have software development teams who could use support with software security and privacy? We are offering a lightweight solution at low cost, to:

  • Give your technical leads a ‘security story’, that offers practical, marketable, security to suit the client;
  • Support sensible business decisions around security and privacy issues;
  • Provide assessments of impact, showing how the team benefits; 
  • Introduce teams to powerful online engagement techniques useful for meetings and events.


We offer materials, presentation and support for ‘Developer Security Essentials’: two online interactive workshops for client software developer teams. Developed with government funding by researchers from Lancaster University and UCL, the package is rigorously proven both to improve the teams’ secure software development, and to promote good decision-making about security and privacy to give the organisations who do it a competitive advantage. It’s also good fun for the participants. The  workshops are heavily interactive and engaging for the participating teams, using a range of sophisticated techniques to work either in person or through remote access:

  1. An interactive game teaches that security is unthreatening and approachable;
  2. An ideation session uncovers the security and privacy needs of participants’ current work; and
  3. An analysis session identifies the business value for product management of the identified security and privacy enhancements.


The workshops work best run by software development experts—we’ll train them—and no security expertise is required. Lightweight surveys before and three months after the workshops provide an assessment report of the security and privacy improvements for the team.

Over a hundred developers in over a dozen organisations have benefitted already from Developer Security Essentials. 

Tickets will be available once the dates have been confirmed.


European Social Fund funded training

European Social Fund

Tickets are available through Eventbrite. The training will be delivered through a Zoom Meeting hosted by Software Cornwall and presented by Charles Weir & Facilitated by Allan Kelly.

The European Social Fund is partially funding Software Cornwall to run this training project to provide development training for employees within the software industry. As a Software Cornwall member you will be receiving a discount to this course by email. This course is only available to those from the UK or EU. To participate in the training certain personal information will be required from attendants as proof of employment and eligibility to attend. This information is for the purposes of ensuring that the training will go to the correct participants.  You will also be required to complete an evaluation form after the training as part of the attendance.