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A Level Computer Science

Who is it For?

This course is for students who have an interest in Computer Science  because they are thinking of undertaking a career in this field or who feel this may enhance their STEM skills and knowledge.  This course will enable students to become software creators as opposed to a user of technology.

What will I do?

Students follow the AQA Computer Science syllabus. There are two modules for

What’s assessed:

This paper tests a student’s ability to program, as well as their theoretical knowledge of computer science from subject content 1-4 above

Assessment 1

On-screen exam: 1 hour 30 minutes

50% of AS


Students answer a series of short questions and write/adapt/extend programs in an Electronic Answer Document provided by us. We will issue preliminary material, a skeleton program (available in each of the programming languages) and, where appropriate, test data, for use in the exam.

Asessment 2

Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes

50% of AS


A series of short-answer and extended-answer questions.

What Do I Need

Students should have an ICT or Computer Science based qualification and a Grade B in maths. It is advisable that you have a computer at home so that you can develop your programming skills. This is an academic course with some practical work. Students follow the AQA Computer Science A’ Level.

For more information please contact:

Ms L Drybrough, Head of Computer Science and ICT


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